What exactly does "unlimited" mean?

You don't need to monitor usage or server needs when you choose Webserve. You won't have to worry about surprise overage fees or suspension. Every Webserve web hosting account includes unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and data transfer, meaning you'll always have the disk space and bandwidth you need.

Your web hosting services are, however, governed by principles of acceptable and appropriate usage.

What you need to know:

Unlimited disk space gives you access to all the server space required to create and maintain your website. While Webserve does not impose ceilings, customers must keep in mind that, in a shared hosting environment, an exceptionally large website that grows very quickly may impede the performance of other websites which share the server.

Unlimited bandwidth (data transfer) ensures that you can upload all the content you want, and that your visitors will be able to access and download that content smoothly and without issue. It is possible, however, that a website could attempt to access an unreasonable amount of server memory or processing power, and thereby impact others.

Webserve constantly monitors all servers and will apply strict anti-abuse controls. In the rare cases when an overuse issue is detected, Webserve will have to take action.

The benefits and responsibilities of shared hosting

Webserve shared web hosting has been designed to meet the hosting needs of individuals and small businesses and organizations. Each of our top-tier servers will host a number of websites; you are sharing space with a virtual community.

Being a member of the Webserve community brings some responsibility. We monitor all servers around the clock and will act quickly, if required, to ensure that no one customer adversely affects the performance of another or of our servers.

And the benefits? The Webserve hosting plan is secure, reliable, and affordable. All we ask is for customers to abide by a few guidelines. Webserve hosting plans are for web hosting only, not for data backup or storage. They are not designed for use by corporations or large businesses. If you fall into this category, please consider choosing a virtual private server or dedicated server to better meet your hosting needs.

If you are not sure if shared hosting is right for you, please contact us.

For more on Webserve's acceptable use policy and terms of service, please read our Terms of Service.