Customer Testimonials

"Hi from Kuwait, Your support is the best and by the way he helped me he made me decide not to deal anymore with any other companies. We have a great deals with great companies but couldn't believe the way he helped me, and job he did and the answers he gave. For almost one hour and 15 minutes he kept answering my questions, helping as far as he is able. Really you have the best people to work. Never to deal with any other companies from now on. Special thanks to this guy. We are going to close accounts with big companies cause we finally found the best company and the best people to help us in our deals in the future."

  - Yahia

"I am quite satisfied of all the timely support I obtained from you in the transfer of my humble site from my previous host. The reason I moved my site to your servers is because I did not get adequate support (they did not even replied to my queries...). Your help was quite refreshing and I am proud to be among your customers. So far 10 out of 10 to you. Thank you."

  - Michel Lacroix

"I just wanted to let you know that my e-mail and Web site is functioning perfectly (I switched to you because of e-mail problems with my previous host). Thanks! You are the best!"

  - Tracy

"I just wanted to congratulate you all for doing a great job! From customer service to technical support my experience here has been absolutely superb! Thanks again, and keep up the great work!!"

  - Davide Lodovichi

"I wanted to send you an email because I have had the best experience with your technical support services. I've been working on cgi scripts and have had a hopeless time getting my script to run. Your team has not only been full of ideas and help but they have been wonderfully courteous and incredibly patient. I thought you should know that you have a phenomenal team.

Without your teams amazing help I would still be intensely frustrated with my script. Please pass along my thanks! You have an amazing team!"

Sincerely yours,

  - Andrea Batiuk

"I have received great service, Webserve staff have done an outstanding job, and they always ready to help!"


  - S. Karamally

"Thank you so much! I can't stress enough how much I have enjoyed your services. From fast servers to faster tech support. You guys rock."

Thanks again,

  - Dan Heffernan

"Wow. That's what I call service. Definitely recommending you guys to my friends!"

Best regards,

  - Carlos

"I am a current reseller with you folks. I just want to say that your service for the past few months has been great! It's been very solid and b/c of this, I have been able to attract more and more clients.

Thank you and please keep up the good work!"

  - Les productions -- Erik De Leon

"Out of all the web hosting companies I have used in the last few years, Webserve Canada stands above all. I have been very impressed by their customer support and reliability."

  - Calin Plesa -- NanoApex

"Excellent and quick support. I am especially impressed with the Live Help! Keep up the great work!"

  - Steve -- NLight Media

"I have used other hosting companies before and changed to you because of your impressive services and knowledge. I refer you look crazy, and will soon be coming a reseller. I think you are great. You have excellent customer service, great prices and products. Congratulations!!! I like all the up-to-date technology you use, it rocks!!!"

Yours truly,

  - Natalie Armstrong

"I have been looking for a year now and Webserve Canada is the best database web hosting company that I have found. You guys have a good understanding of your servers and the services they run and I always get a quick turnaround on tech support calls. Server uptime is very good and the price is right, too. Thanks."

  - Steve Rosen

"I've been with Webserve Canada for only a short while but from what I've seen and experienced already, they provide superior support, great pricing, reliable service, and an all-around great package.."

  - Dennis Koe

"After reading all these positive testimonials, I fear I have little to add that would not sound redundant. So I'll just add my name to what seems like a long list of satisfied customers. Great tech support, good price, what more can I add, hats off Webserve Canada ."

  - Francis Moutier -- Le Lancier

"Wow Great Support!"

  - Matt Spangler

"The support I get with Webserve Canada has been fantastic! I was concerned, being a small personal site, that I wouldn't get the attention larger clients might get, but everyone at Webserve Canada was helpful and attentive to my needs. I found the whole experience of setting up my domain and having Webserve Canada host my site was easy and worry free. Everything was taken care of quickly and with a lot of attention to detail, which I very much appreciate. Thanks so much everyone at Webserve Canada!"

  - Oscar Gabriel -- Visual Artist

"I've always been pleased with Webserve Canada's responsiveness... and I've referred many clients."

  - Jim Rae

"Our sites operates a Cold Fusion/Access site for the collection of information for operational planning. We have been very satisfied with the service levels and technical support provided by Webserve Canada. "

  - Robert St. James

"I just wanted to give a few kind words for one of your techs that assisted me this evening. She was not only helpful, but extremely professional during the time I needed help.

It is not often I find a company (as well as employees like her) that is completely professional. Please pass on my deep satisfaction of her work."

  - Gary

"As a client of I would like to pass my appreciation to one of your technical support. This is the first time I try cgi in my site. I always got a problem with error messages. When I contact your technical support, I did not expect to find the problem in my code. Lucky, I meet one of the Webserve tech support technicians. Just few second, he/she find my code error and correct it for, It's so fast. I just want say your agent did great job. Thanks."

  - Lirui Liu

"I just wanted to say that I am really pleased with your services and your support. You have friendly staff. I will definitely buy all my domains though you and refer others to your site."

  - Kevin Jensen

"I just used your live help for a technical problem for the first time - it was fantastic! Thanks - I'm really happy with your hosting..."

  - a.j.

"I've been with Webserve for about a year and a half. The prices are unbeatable. I've been quite happy with my 'basic' plan. It's got everything I need. Tech support is very helpful. Thanks!"

  - Doug Johnston --

"Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service I have received from Joel. In fact, his patience in trying to solve a mistake that I MADE was exceptional. So thanks and keep up the good work."


  - Radiance

"Thank you very, very much!
That's the best customer service I had on line! You are the best!
I'll let everybody know about your services."

  - Marius -- Private Diving

"I just used your live chat and "spoke" with Technical Support. I just wanted to let you know that he was very professional and fixed my problem right away! A great asset to your team! Thank you!"

  - Tracy Parker

"I just want to say that I'm really happy with the tech support I received. It was fast and professional! Thank you and Congratulations on a job well done!!"

  - Nino Popa

"'re live help rocks and they helped me, thanks guys!"

  - Paul Clow -- Pentarix

"Just like to say that the support service here is outstanding! I have never had such an easy time dealing with people in terms of support...and the fact that I will never see them in person and yet they do such a fabulous job makes it even more incredible. The online live chatting with support staff is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I've been with companies before this one that took 5 hours or more to email me back with support. Hats off to this outstanding support team!"

  - Gordon Helwig -- Moody Cat Studios

"I recently setup a hosting account with Webserve for a client of mine; I was immediately impressed by the prices. No setup fee, plus one of the lowest rates I've seen on the net! I thought it might be too good to be true until I began to upload the site to your server. I was used to other web hosts I work with having sluggish servers, so I was blown away by the amazing speed of yours! It was like I was working on a local hard drive. I'm very impressed so far, and I will definitely be sticking with Webserve for a long time to come!"

  - Alex Taylor -- Shoregard Alarms, Ltd.

"I would just like to send my deepest gratitude regarding your great service. I came across your web hosting company a few months ago and was blown away by your outstanding prices. However, I have used your chat service about 10 times in the last 3 months and ALL of my questions were answered in the most professional way. On Friday July 25, 2003 - I finally signed up for a Starter package and purchased 4 domain names. There was a tiny glitch with the control panel URL but as soon as I chatted with one of your intelligent employees - the problem was fixed in seconds! On Sunday July 27, 2003 - I had another question/concern and again one of your representatives quickly solved it. I am in complete awe!

I used to work for a hosting company (technical support) and I know what you all go through. The customer service that you have is simply amazing. I am starting my own web designing business and I will be "pushing" clients to your web hosting services (if they do not have one already). Thus, I will be using your affiliate program to do so. What you offer is far beyond the best that I have seen.

I have nothing but satisfaction and kind words to say about your service. Your new, happy, and satisfied client."

  - G. Skrzyniak -- Arch Appeal Web Design

"The most important part of choosing a web hosting provider is customer support, reliability, and value. Webserve Canada has provided me with outstanding customer service and the support staff is very thorough and answered all my technical questions. The support team went above and beyond to help me quickly establish my online portfolio. I was very impressed by the willingness to help me with all aspects of my site. The smooth transfer of my site can be fully credited to the hard working, professional staff at Webserve Canada. Thank you Webserve Canada!"

  - Brenda Pineda -- Sr. Graphic Designer

"Our project needed a reliable, fast, technical savvy hosting company and we went directly to Webserve Canada. The level of care and friendly staff has left a lasting impression with my company. Webserve Canada rocks!"

  - Matt Freeman

"Intelligently designed plans at affordable prices great for personal or business use. We've been with Webserve Canada for a year. They quickly respond to our technical questions with professional, easy-to-understand answers. Keep up the great service!"

  - Gregg L. Zepp II & Russell J. Huston