SiteLock offers protection against sophisticated online attacks

Most small and medium-sized website owners have neither the resources nor the technical know-how to outwit cyber criminals. Could your site be a prime target?

Now you can get peace of mind with SiteLock, a powerful security service that will protect your website and keep it safe and secure for your visitors. Here’s what’s included:


    The SiteLock Security Seal

    Displaying the familiar SiteLock Security Seal on your website shows your visitors that you care about their security.


    Deep 360 Degree Site Scan

    The SiteLock Deep 360 Degree Scan examines all website files susceptible to threats - including those many other security services miss - searching deep for vulnerabilities and other security issues.


    Protection from Hackers & Malware

    Hackers love small websites because most have little protection. Don’t let them gain control of your website. SiteLock protects your site from unwanted threats so that you can focus on more important details like managing your website.


    Reputation Management

    Your online reputation is key to your website’s success. As part of your 360 degree site scan, SiteLock’s malware blacklist monitoring and spam blacklist monitoring can help identify potential issues.

Hackers and security breaches are a problem you cannot ignore

The seriousness of a website security breach or hack cannot be overemphasized. Imagine these possibilities should your website be attacked:

  • Instead of visitors seeing your homepage, they’ll get a warning message that your website could harm their computer.
  • Malicious code could be added to your site without you even knowing, resulting in your visitors becoming infected with malware and you losing all credibility.
  • Google, Yahoo, and Bing could blacklist you - meaning all of your search engine optimization efforts are effectively washed down the drain.

Can you really afford to risk having any of this happen?


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